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Acute Care & ICU Rehab - Managing the Medically Complex Patient!

Course Schedule

Registration 7:30a-8:00a
Class Begins 8:00a
Lunch on your own 11:30a-12:30p
Class Ends 3:30p

7:30-8:00 — REGISTRATION **Bring your own breakfast snack!

8:00-8:15 Welcome
8:15-8:30 Introduction to Acute Care
                        - The importance of early and aggressive mobilization and intervention
                        - Effects of immobility on organ systems (respiratory, cardiac, digestive, musculoskeletal systems)

8:30-8:45 Goal Overview – Big Picture of goals across the spectrum

8:45-9:20 Advanced Transfers and Mobility Lab - Ensuring Safe and Successful Transfers and Mobility for Any Patient – Hands on Lab
            - Decision making process
                        - Selecting the appropriate transfer method based on diagnosis, weight bearing restrictions, differential diagnoses and                                 patient’s tolerance level, etc
            - Mobilization of patients with weight bearing limitations
            - Specific mobility considerations: Patient’s with PE (pulmonary embolism), DVT (deep vein thrombosis), etc.
            - Mobility with multiple lines, wire, tubes (including chest tubes, art lines, IV management, etc.)

9:20-9:35 Morning Break

9:35-10:00 Lines, Wires, Tubes and ICU/IMC Management – Hands on Lab
            - Management of lines, wire and tubes during intervention and mobility
                        -Considerations for bowel and bladder management systems (ie. fecal management systems, various types of catheters,                            etc.)
            - Vitals interpretation: What does it all mean? HR, BP, PsO2, RR and more!
            - Addressing the medically fragile patient

Common Diagnoses in the Acute Care Arena – Advanced Treatment Interventions for Improved Outcomes
            10:00-10:20     Orthopedic Intervention Across the Spectrum
                                                - Managing the orthopedically complex patient
                                                - Cutting edge interventions and looking into the future!
                                                - Transfer considerations for the acute care ortho patient
            10:20-10:40     Burn Injury Across the Lifespan – The key to addressing this special population
                                                - Overview of types and degree of burn injury
                                                - Important considerations in burn management and surgical intervention
                                                - Current trends in therapeutic burn intervention
            10:40-11:00     Cardiac Diagnoses
                                                - Cardiac surgery and the progression of therapeutic intervention
                                                - Sternal precautions and the implementation of strength training with surgical                                                             cardiac patient
            11:00-11:20     Neurological Emergencies and Trends in Intervention
                                                - tPA administration and its impact on therapeutic intervention
                                                - Management of the severe stroke
                                                - Considerations for the patient with brief neurological deficits
                                                - Thinking outside the box! New methods to achieving improved therapeutic outcomes!                              
            11:20-11:40     The Respiratory Compromised Patient
                                                - Managing a patient with high-flow oxygen during therapeutic intervention
                                                - Consideration for the COPD patient
                                                - A fresh take on energy conservation techniques

11:40-12:40 Lunch (on your own)

12:40-1:05 Current Trends in Intervention for Patient’s with Cognitive/Psychiatric Diagnoses
            - Addressing the behaviorally challenging patient (ie. TBI, dementia, aggression)
                        -Talking down and taking down: Management of the aggressive patient
            - Management of the chronically-refusing patient: Achieving new motivation
            - Major depression and its impact on therapeutic intervention
1:05-1:30 Outcome Expectations and Goals Considerations for the Acute Care Patient
            - Short term vs. long term goal implementation
            - When to bring the PT/OTR back for reassessment?
            - Predicting the future: Using your crystal ball to determine appropriate goal development

1:30-1:55 Creating an Effective and Successful Discharge Plan
            - The importance of an interdisciplinary approach to discharge
            - Where are we going? The pros/cons of sub acute, home health, and other discharge destinations

1:55-2:10 Afternoon Break

2:10-2:30 Caring for the Caregiver –
            - The importance of client-centered practice and the inclusion of the patient’s support system
            - Managing the challenging family/caregiver

2:30-2:55 Billing and Documentation
            - Effective and successful documentation throughout the acute care spectrum
            - Documenting progression in patients with limited function
            - Understanding G Codes, payment and billing

2:55-3:15 Achieving Productivity (rephrase this title) – (Include something here referencing a rock and a hard place)
            - History of productivity requirements and their necessity
            - Current trends in productivity expectations

3:15-3:30 Closing and Question/Answer